Poker Generation

You can never come back from poker not because you can’t stop playing. You can quit playing, but you’ll always be a poker player That’s a passion, and passions have the power to make you feel stronger than you are. You don’t play poker for money, you play for the emotions. I started playing poker in a difficult period of my life. It was the only way to stop thinking. When you are playing, emotions and the adrenaline are so strong that your issues and your past just do not exist.

While you play, you feel you have any problem, your past does not exist. You only feel adrenaline and strong emotions. It was almost therapeutic at that time. Then it becomes something else, from therapeutic to obsessive, too big for you Today I am playing 6 games at the same time.

6 tables are not too many for a professional player. 6 tables are not too many for a professional player. I decided to quit playing live because online gaming is the future and you can get much more money with it I used to play cash live in the clubs, then the law changed and it became illegal. I went a couple of times at the casino.

But I understood that online gaming is better for me and more remunerative. For me is like playing with the Playstation: it is a job, but I play it as a videogame. Hold on, this is the regular I played more hands with on this web site. He has played 17 thousands hands, and he is three-betting.

He does not three-bet a lot, just 6%. f I were in position, I would have called with Ace/King to make him bluff. He is going all-in, so I three-bet Ace/Ten. He is four-betting, so raising again…

…I don’t think he would bluff on a 7 4 6 2 board… Online gaming is my “monster”, I have always been successful in live playing while undisciplined online. I have been disciplined only when I had a sponsor. I have been disciplined only when I had a sponsor. Playing without trying to win everything was impossible for me, it is my nature. I loose everything, or I win everything. And that is the reason why I decided to pause for a while.

Sooner or later, you will loose everything and it’s something very hard to digest. It takes a lot of time. From the lesson I got in Copenaghen I could learn many things: getting from 0 to 12.000 through 6 steps. Doing it, in practice, is very hard.

Also because when you play, you are alone, and you feel lonely. Reporter – Here we are with Fabrizio Dosi, the first poker player from Imola who made into the European Poker Champion. Fabrizio – European Poker Tour.

Reporter – Yes, European Poker Tour in Copenaghen, Denmark. Tell us something about this adventure. Fabrizio – It begun around five days ago. Fabrizio – I have been playing live dealer casino and trying to make it for the last three years. Fabrizio – I couldn’t afford the subscription fee, so I got qualified through several on line tournaments, for free. Reporter – So, after all the tournaments you won, what is your goal?

Fabrizio – There are 800 players, it is an elimination tournament, and only the first wins. It is very hard, but I will try. I am going there to try. Only in the big cash live tournaments you can win enough money to change your life. From Moneymaker on, the story of this game has changed.

Moneymaker is an american guy that got qualified in the world championship in Las Vegas through satellite tournaments like I did in Copenaghen He went to Las Vegas, then to World Series and to Main Event, where he won. Everybody thought: if he did it without money, through on-line tournaments, and without being a professional, so why can’t I did it too? Fold. Fold. Two in game. You feel so many different and strong emotions playing.

When someone is making a bluff, his heart beats so fast and hard that you can almost recognize it looking at his vein on the neck. When I make a bluff, I don’t even breath until the other player talks, I just wait and think “shut up!”. My friends do not have this passion, they just like playing cardgames.

Instead I like handling the deck. This card is a 8, I put it back into the deck, and again, same 8. Of course I also like playing poker, but I like all the world around it as well.

Like with the chips, I often fixate on things. This trick, I don’t even know its name, but it is nice. Somebody may think: he knows that trick, must be a good player.

Like one that can spin basketball on a finger. That’s another thing I can do, but I can’t play basket. I can spin basketball on finger, but I can’t play basket. I only know these tricks. I never thought playing poker could become a job, I am not good enough to make a living out of it.

It has been a job for me, because I was a dealer. I was on the safe side of the table, basically I was always the winner. It was not a real job for me. I wanted to become a “croupier”, so I moved to London to learn the job. In Italy, at the Paradise, as a dealer I could earn 30 EUR for a night, 50 on Sunday.

But I think you can’t live being a gambler. (Alexia is training) I am a nerd, gymn is the only thing that makes me more human. It saves me from being the Queen of Nerds. Some times ago I thought I was computer addicted more than poker addicted. I used to sleep the whole day, and play the whole night.

Sleeping bad, sometimes not sleeping for days. I was only moving from the bed to the computer forth and back, nothing else. I did not meet people, neither read books, and in that period I lost a lot of games, I wasn’t playing a good poker. Oh, 8! Let’s call. Fabrizio – I used to play 8-12 tables at the same time the whole day, I have done it for almost a year.

I can’t do it. Ok, let’s play “tight” No, Just because I don’t really know these players Ok, you are right, it’s just that, you know me When you win online, you don’t have the money in your pocket. And Alexia is right when she says that it is like a videogame. The money amount you see on the screen is like a videogame score. On average I earn around 3.000 Eur per month. It is calculated on a yearly basis, not on a short period.

What are you going to do if you have a hard period? I mean, I have a job, I am an employee, if I have a hard period I still get my salary. If you play poker and have a hard period, what can you do? I can’t do a normal or even underpaid job for 600 Euros per month, when I used to bet 600 Euros in a poker hand. You loose the grip on reality. If I want to rent a flat, does not matter if I have been playing for 2 years.

I can’t tell the homeowner that my job is playing poker, I have to tell him “I am unemployed and my dad will pay the rent”. Finally we have the Aces! Fabrizio Dosi brings good luck. Fabrizio Dosi brings good luck… to the others!

Let’s see if we can play these big aces, or if, as it happens, when you have a good hand nobody calls… We are with Fabrizio Dosi, just come back from the Danish poker tournament. Tell us something about it. It’s been a great experience. I am happy with what I have done in Copenaghen. I think I won the biggest bet, I went there without experience and with a lot of doubts.

I played a good poker, and so I go back home without regrets. The chip leader raise was just twice the normal, two times the big blind, and I was the big blind, I had 200.000 chips. The player on my right had two 10, he did check. I have seen 4 hearts, and I did all-in. The chip leader shown 5-5, pair of 5, and he said he was making a bluff. I shown 9 and 3 of hearts, so I could win with a heart card, or with a 9.

We were both around 50% chances to win, something more on his side probably. Cards went smooth, nothing for me. He won the hand, then the tournament. After that tournament, until the end of the year, from those 50.000 Eur he won, he went up to 360.000 Euros, winning other two tournaments.

He was “La Talpa”. He has always been a respectful opponent. Despite the fact he stole my dream. When I played my first cash live game, I was so emotioned.

I had real money in front of me, and my heart was beating so hard. I didn’t want to loose that money. I played a lot of poker. Money was always the second thought, and I was never happy. Because, if you are the second, you think that you wanted to win and be the first. If you are the first you think that you want to be first in a more important and rich tournament… Basically, I don’t really care for Poker.

For me is a light thing, I don’t live with it, I don’t spend the day thinking about it. When I wake up I think about other things. I just want to play a game.

In the end, I am a wimp. That’s why I don’t play cash, and I don’t go to certain places. When I was in London, I played a tournament, and I won 900 pounds being bloody lucky… but when I left it was just me and a guy with a bad face… And I thought: “I am in the Leicester Square casino, in the city center, and I have to go on. This guy and all his friends know that I have 900 pounds in my pocket, so if he wants to catch me here outside, or in the underground, or near home, they can just do it. These women things are not for me. The cleaning lady usually does them, but she hadn’t time today.

Seen my skirts? I need them to go to the sea. The sea? Yes, when I am going there. Last time I saw the sea it was in Portorose, where the casino is.

You are insane, you can’t go to the sea just because there is a casino! They are opening a casino in Fuerteventura also, we’ll have to play a bit of cash live. I still think live playing is the peace of mind. Do you think I will miss this sight? I don’t think so.

My plan is to go in Spain and start playing online over there, where the players are not as good as in Italy. And to make more money than I made last year. Or, to make them in a easier way.

Somebody lives poker as a sport, thinks about statistics, numbers, probability… And somebody else comes from the old school, and lives the poker just as gambling, then gambles! It’s not only about poker, by the way. In a casino there are also slot machines, roulette, and so on. Somebody plays poker in the casino just to stay two hours away from slot machines, to spend a bit less. For three, four years we had 1.200 poker players.

Customers were happy, and it was also a job opportunity for somebody as dealer, croupier, … It was a sport here, they could win only prizes, not money. Nobody knows the real reason, but live playing became illegal, probably to give a competitive advantage to online gaming companies.

I could take a legal action, but I thought it was something that would be solved in a few days, or a month, so I decided to wait. Since then I have been waiting, for three years. Laws are different per each area in Italy, that’s why you can play in Sant’Agata, or in Civitanova, but not here.

Somebody follows the rules, somebody does not. I don’t like playing online. I prefer playing live with other people you can talk to When you play online, you think you are winning and suddenly you loose everything. Yesterday I lost a hand with a full of 8, against a poker of 10. It seems there is always something that kills your game The Paradise is respecting the rules, do you understand?

But those 70 people that every evening used to come at the Paradise, they can still play, somewherelse. There is always somebody, a dealer, or a player, that organizes a tournament at home. So they are still playing, at home.

Poker is the devil’s game. You can be the best player, but there are 52 cards, and they do what they want. It’s hard to win without the right cards. The best players may do it, but not always. But dumbs, with the right cards, they can win. Cards decide.

Cards decide. It’s math, statistics. Poker players call it variance.

Online you can play more hands, and get closer to the statistical model you are applying. the three final tables could have changed my career and my life. In the end you are always playing coinflip. We never think about it, but during our career sometimes we bet 50.000 euros like on a coinflip.

If you asked: “would you bet 50.000 euros?” I would say: “yes”. If you asked: “would you bet them on a coinflip?” I would say: “no”. In the end it’s the same.

Once I read a book about how to get lucky. It was about making things happen. Like if you want a card, you have to call it in your mind, call it, call it, and it will come.

I know that it doesn’t work for me. How can I rationally accept it? I want to be scientific.

You have to be more positive, in life, and playing poker. Poker has been your life, and could still be. You don’t believe in luck, you believe in bad luck. What do you mean? Should I give in to my bad luck?

No, you don’t have to give up, you must keep playing. Yes, but on the emotional level and about stress, I had… If you want to keep playing, you have to let somebody help you. You need a coach.

Mind set is key. Mind set. Don’t you wish for revenge? I want to play that hand again. I did it, that’s the point. I quit one year ago, but I still remember that hand.

I want to take revenge. I miss it. I don’t go to casinos, because I know what I would do there. And I know that going there without playing poker is impossible to me. So the only way is to stay away from the temptation.

f you had won that tournament, and 50.000 Euros, what would you do? I would go to Las Vegas to play great tournaments with the champions, cash live, many things. Everything would be different, but this is just a dream. And my dreams always remain dreams. Dealer – Call Fabrizio – All in Luca – What?

All in? Dealer – 2.575 Luca – Call Dealer – Uhm? Luca – I said call Dealer – Call.

2.575. Three in game Cosmin — Fold Dealer – Fold When you play a poker hand, you never know how it will end. You know every hand could be the last, or the most important, or the first of your victory.

Alexia – Sorry, Fabri! Fabrizio – After going from 2.000 to 14.000 uncontested, I didn’t have to loose this one. In Poker, the best player does not always win.

I think I played better than everybody else, but I am the first who got out. It’s always like that. That’s why I write books. I didn’t get the cards I wanted, the others did.

So I am here with my beer. But I am liked the way I played. It was one year since last time I played. It was July, last year. I think I played a good poker. Fabrizio?

He is very good player. Alexia, I haven’t observed her enough. She made mistakes in my opinion. Fabrizio has been unlucky. It’s ok trying a bluff in the wrong hand, loosing it, and being out of the tournament. But some hands, that happens in the decisive tournament moments.

I am at 50%, he is at 50%, I don’t win anything. Why? I thought a lot about it. I can leave my life to the fate, or realize this is not my way. I am as good as the others, but I don’t win like them. I often think about that hands.

It happens once every 100.000 hands, why it happened to me? That’s why you have to apply variance. I understand, but variance does not apply to tournaments.

Variance time is infinite. I can’t give the same statistical value to the coinflip against “La Talpa” and any other coinflip I play in my life. Variance is not the answer because hands have different values to me. So, what is the right choice: playing cash game applying variance, or just looking for the lucky shot? Playing what you are good at. If you are good at tournaments, then play tournaments.

Guillermo – He made is choice: he writes books. If I want to accept that my life is decided by the fate then ok, I can keep playing. But I lost the coinflip against La Talpa, the 70-30 at the second tournament and the 80-20 at the Shark bay, and that must mean something Guillermo – The answer is clear. The answer is easy when you see your opponent winning the last hand of the tournament with Ace-Ace against King-King!

Guillermo – Our time is finished, math time is infinite. That’s all. There is no guarantee, no rules, nothing is granted. And that is scary and exciting. Your destiny can change every second.

When you go playing in a casino, you are just in a casino. Casinos are usually in the middle of nothing. Staying a week in a casino means being in a place with no windows, with no clocks, where you never know if it is day or night, where at midday you always get up because they add oxygen to the air conditioning, where they close poker tables at 6 in the morning, but they only open breakfast at 7, so that during that hour the only thing you can do is playing roulette.

What can you do? I don’t know if you have options. Do you have options? Of course there were many problems. When I came out of that place and I could speak again, I had to start everything from scratch I played for a million euros in Copenaghen, and after three monts I was playing cards against a 70 years old woman in a psychiatric clinic. A night, actually a day, in the morning at 7:15.

I had been playing for 36 hours in a row. I played a 36 hours game. The firsts were good, then I could not stop. I played, played played played and played again. I didn’t eat.

I didn’t drink. I never left the table. I lost last hand, and all the money. I wanted to swear.

Nothing came out of my mouth. I wanted to talk, and I couldn’t. The day after, I still couldn’t talk.

And the same two days after. I haven’t said one word for 47 days. I don’t think it was just the poker.

It was a mix of events. I had to face a hard path to recover. I had to take all my ego, all my narcisissm, my professionalism, put them in a bag and choose to enter in a prychiatric clinic. My enemy?

Myself. I always destroyed everything I built. Like when you spend a whole day to build a sand castle, and then you are happy to destroy it.

The real enemy is myself. I don’t have other enemies. May be tilt is the only one. Alexia – You did straight again. Alexia – What a tilt!

Neverending tilt! What a tilt! Strange thing about poker is that who played the technical way, is here outside with a beer and a cigarette. That’s why I don’t play live anymore, Fabrizio. Ok, but you loose the most beautiful part of this game.

I don’t want to loose the fun like it happen in the on line gaming. You get into hold’em manager, statistics, after 10 hours you don’t understand anything anymore. You hardly remember your name. Online is a different.

It’s alienating, but you can make money there. Ok, you can earn money with it, but being a kind of Chaplin in Modern Times. Then we are not talking about the game, but about life.

I don’t want to play like I am doing now, for my whole life. How old are you? I’m 27. I often think about what I have been doing between 25 and 30 years.

I have been in front of a monitor for 10 hours per day. If you had played 10 hours per day, for 5 years, applying the variance method, you would not be broke now. I am a man. If you take it as a job, you know how long and when you have to do it to reach your goal. If I want to play 3 years to buy a house, I can do it.

My goal has always been to improve my skills. I never had other goals, and that was probably my limit. All I earned was useful to try a bigger challenge. For me, all I earn is my future. Like a house, or an investment. I envy you.

I am looking at the future now for the first time. My next months in Fuerteventure will be different. I want a regular life, like going to the beach, sunbaths, do all the things I haven’t done being a nerd because of this game.

I hope the new relationship I started will make me feel good. Surf, poker, parties. That’s it. I really suffered the fact that nobody accepted that poker was my job.

Everybody makes choices, but if you are not accepted by the people around you, it’s hard. if you are not accepted by the people around you, it’s hard. What I can do, or better what I was able to do, is to draw. It was my job when I was 20, 22 years old.

I have so many regrets. I went to London to become a croupier, to work in a casino. I went there with my girlfriend. When we broke up, we both came back to Italy. The day I printed the ticket to come back to Italy, I received a letter from the casino. They asked me to go there for an interview.

I don’t know if I had a real chance, but it was something at least. I want to come back to London. In the end my life is ok.

I have a salary, even if it’s not big. I have a house, a girlfriend, friends, hobbies. I am ok, but I may do something else. Then I think: “I am 30, I have to use my head and be rational”. I don’t know. I don’t know…

I don’t know. Those are all the places where I used to work. That restaurant is “il Bordello”. I worked there.

That’s where we used to go to dance: the Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Notthing Hill Arts club That’s the Bansky’s crumpled red phone box. All these things belong to me. Alexia – After my experience in Spain, I feel as if I had lost some attitude. Alexia – I have been disappointed by somebody I trusted and I didn’t expect that. I really believed in that, and I moved 4.000 km away, leaving everything behind me. That’s not easy.

Alexia – But I would come back there again, really. It’s a wonderful place. If you want, we can go there for holiday.

I have to play 10.000 hands per day until the end of the year. Are you insane? 10.000 hands per day?!? I am playing 4.000-5.000 and I am getting crazy.

I came back on Poker Star with my nickname, and everybody called me. With all the debts I have, they have seen my nickname, and the phone was burning. 490 hands per hour, but with the few points I get now, I have to play 12 hours per day. Nobody can stand 12 hours per day!

I know, but I have to do it if I don’t want to go begging In 5 years, we may go to Macao. Macao is awesome! 5 years means surviving to a 4-millions hands game.

Do you know how many mouse click is that? 10 millions!