Cuban Style

The Cuban design of Salsa which is likewise called the Casino design has its origins from Cuba. Lots of Cubans think about Casino to be a part of their social and cultural way of life, hence making dancing casino an expression for their popular social culture. They have devoted a great deal of music for the Cuban Style Salsa. The term Casino originates from the casino "Casino Deportivos", where the white Cubans used to satisfy and dance throughout the mid-20th centuries. The Casino has its origins from the partner dance of Cuban Son, which has been merged with partner figures and turns from the North American Jive. The Casino design Salsa is identified by the Afro Cuban design body language which utilizes complete body seclusion and regular hip motions. The hip motion is extremely visible due to the highlighted pumping of the knees. The Cuban design Salsa does not have a great deal of quick spins and generally relies on the circular motions of the dancers around each other. They have the tendency to have extremely easy footwork, but have an extremely intricate arm work which needs the fan to have extremely versatile arms. In this method of dancing, the 1st and 5th beats in the clave pattern are overlooked but the 4th and 8th beats are greatly highlighted while dancing. In this way, the dancers do not need to follow to the beats, and can have their own unique contribution to the dance using the polyrhythmic pattern of the music. The dance has its life, not from the mechanical method that can be taught in a class, but from the understanding and use of the Afro-Cuban culture and the vocabulary of the Casino dance. The exact same way where a vocalist prices estimate other older tunes in their own tunes, a Casino dancer will often use other dances, motions, gestures and folklore passages and aim to improvise upon them. The Casino dancers attempt to improvise by consisting of extracts from the dances for African divine beings, the Rumba, and other popular dances like the Danzon and the Cha Cha.

4: Rueda de Casino

The name of the dance describes the design of dancing included that includes the complex turns and actions associated with the dancing. In this type of dance, a great deal of couples dance in a circle, whereas a dancer, who is designated as the caller, carries out hand motions, signalling which relocates to be performed, and the matching move is carried out by all the couples all at once. The dancing couples move around in a circle, with leaders quickly exchanging partners and carrying out many complex moves in synchronization, all to the beats of the salsa music. Every move has a name and is interacted to the dancing couples with hand signals from the caller. The calls are often made in severe fast successions, producing an extremely vibrant environment for the dancers to carry out. Among the most notable functions of the Rueda de Casino kind of Salsa is that it can hold as lots of varieties of dancers as possible that can be accommodated within the offered area. It can be carried out with 2 couples in addition to several 10s of couples. In some cases, the dancers even produce several varieties of circles to dance in. The Rueda de Casino type of Salsa develops an entire brand-new meaning of Group Dynamics. It produces a special level of awareness and understanding in between the dancers, which is needed to make the dance group look elegant and have a smooth circulation, which will be satisfying for both the dancers in addition to the audiences. The dancers need to open their peripheral vision to know exactly what the other dancers are doing and carry out appropriately. In this way, the dancers start collaborating with the other dancers in ideal timing and design to make the Rueda de Casino work. This kind of dancing likewise consists of partner changing, which is really difficult to perform, but makes it amazing to watch. Among the advantages of learning La Rueda de Casino, is that the moves found out in Rueda can likewise be carried out with just one partner, hence including it to the dancer's collection of numerous moves.